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Marayoor is the adjacent part of Tamilnadu and boundary of Kerala state too. The inhabitants of this area are aboriginal tribes (Muthuvans, Hill Pulayas and Mannans) having its own traditional values and cultures. Because of the irresponsible behavior they did not bound the money and the same reason why they may not wish their children to higher education, and a better life etc. To make a difference in this situation Sahayagiri Society had started different income generating programmes through tribal self help groups. These groups are mixed in their nature and they were given different income generating programmes like poultry, goatery, cow rearing, vegetable farming, small petty shops and detergent making etc. the amount were given to the self help groups as revolving fund without any interest. Through the different initiatives, the society has started different training programmes to the children, youth and parents as integral and sustainable manner. The main highlight of this programme is one of the tribal groups started to make school bags with the help of the society.  This whole programme is supported by the CNEW, Conrad Sisters of Hilton Fund USA

No of tribal SHG’s – 50nos

Goatery unit – 60nos

Tailoring unit- 25nos

Petty shops- 10nos